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PISMA (u Novom listu, 2.I.2002., i dr.)

I beg you to read  and,  if possible,  forward all this to others:

     In spite of  the  US  Congress'   H. Res. 562 (1998)  and  the Resolution 1096  of the  Parliamentary Assembly  of  the Council  of Europe (1996),   some  nationalized  property  in  Croatia  is   not  returned  to the owners,  and  also some other  possessions  (the tenantship rights)   are  seized  from the  tenants,  whose 
complaints   are   ignored   by  the  new  coalition  government   (since January 2000).   Our letters  are  seldom  published  in the  newspapers;    (the  freedom  of  press  is  insufficient).
     Below is an  English  translation  of   a  letter  that  I  sent  to the  paper  Novi  list   three  times   since  February  22,  2002   (by  registered  mail  and  e-mail):   
   " To the editors of   NOVI  LIST,   Rijeka, Zvonimirova 20/A 
   " Zagreb,  February 22, 2002

   " I beg all citizens,  political  parties,  the Sabor (=Parliament),  the Cabinet,  and  all others,  to think and  reply  to the  following:  Can there be anything  more simple than  returning (by the State)   to me  and  my  family  everything  that we  had acquired  honestly  and  forever,    which  is  seized  from  us   without  any  reasonable  cause or  justification  -   the more so,  because the return  would  cost  nothing  either  the State  or anybody  else ? 

     "After  my-mother's  death  in 1982,    the  original  owner  of  the flat   (now defunct)   transferred  the  tenantship right  upon  myself  by a  contract,   made  of  her  own  free  will  and  in  conformity  with  the  then  laws.     That  has   not   been  seized  from  the owner   and  cannot  be  "returned"  to  anybody.   Her  certified  signature  is  on  the contract;     everything  is  correct,  nothing  has  ever  been  disputed.    

     " [ At the Internet-address   http://soric-b.tripod.com/prijava/  you  can   find  some details   (in Croatian)   that  are  omitted  here  in order to save space.   Everything can easily be checked ]. 


     "By the  Law on Renting Flats (1996)  the  tenantship rights  have  been abolished,  although the  nationalized  flats  have  not  been  returned  to the original owners !    The changing of  this  bad  law  has  been expected  for some years now.       It was  proposed  in the  Sabor   (by the SDP party and others, in 1998- 1999)    that  all  the  tenantship-right  holders  must  get  equal  rights to  cheaply  buy  their  flats,  while the  nominal owners  must get  a   market-value  compensation  by  the State.    This  is  being  postponed;    -   perhaps  (pretendedly)   "there  is  no  money"   for  the  compensation ?        But  no  money  is  needed  for  returning  to me,   immediately  and  fully   (by changing the bad laws),   the  tenantship right   that was  seized   from  me  quite  unnecessarily  and  with   no reason  at all !    Everything is quite clear  -  especially in my case  -  so  what  are  they  waiting  for ?     Why  are  psychical  pains   and  a  property-damage  of  more  than  150,000  EUR   being  inflicted  upon me and my family,  unnecessarily and  unjustifiably,  through  a number of  years ?!

    "The  tenantship right,  especially  that  which  has been given  by an  original  owner  of  his/her  free will,  is  not  -  and  cannot  be (!)  -  contrary  to  the  Constitution of the Republic  of Croatia !

     "You can read more  on that    (in English and Croatian)   at  the  Internet-addresses    http://soric-b.tripod.com/bs/   and   

 http://soric-b.tripod.com/start/      as well as  on the  discrimination  against  tenants   and  the proposals  made in  the Sabor (= Parliament) 

                                                     Dr.med.  Branko  Soric,   Zagreb


    "I beg  Novi list  to publish the above letter,  because there is a  problem  that  should  be  dealt  with    almost  daily    in  the  newspapers.   How  can  I  realize my  constitutional  right of  free  speech,  of  freely  expressing  my  opinions   and communicating  them  to  the public,   if  you  will  not  make  it  possible  for  me ?

  "( If,  perhaps,  you have cheaply  bought a  public-property flat,  or a  nationa-lized  flat,   please,  think  how  you  would  feel  in  my  position ! )

  "The journalists  should also  write about that problem  as much  and as often as possible!  Thank you very much!   

                                                                                   Branko Soric "


( The  END  of the letter to  Novi list )


    If possible,  please,  forward  this  whole  text  to  others ! 


Thank you very much !   


With best regards  

       Dr.med.  Branko  Soric

       Vlaska  84 /  I

       10000  ZAGREB,   CROATIA

E-mail:  branko.soric@zg.t-com.hr     

Internet:  http://soric-b.tripod.com/bs/ 


                  http://soric-b.tripod.com/prijava/  etc.


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