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PISMA (u Novom listu, 2.I.2002., i dr.)


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On these pages you can read how some of us, who are the correct citizens of Croatia, are being gravely damaged, discriminated against and deprived of our rights, without being guilty of anything; and this is happening to us today, here, in this "democratic" and "law-abiding" State!

How is that possible? How, why, and who is maltreating us and depriving us of our rights, homes and possessions?

--- Who? - The State, which does not function well, in which the legislative, judicial and executive power is abused.
--- Why? - In order that some people may profit, and due to somebody's irresponsibility or incompetence.
--- How? - By deceit, demagogy, untruth, false logic, bad and unjust laws, silencing, ignoring, withdrawing or limiting the possiblity of defending ourselves or addressing the public, by abusing the helplessness of older people, by procrastination in order that we should sooner die than succeed to inform the public or explain what is happening to us, what we are experiencing, what they are doing to us, how they are damaging us, what is the truth and what are the lies, what is justice or injustice, discrimination and deprivation.

Previously, there was also exploitation and discrimination (based on race, sex, etc.) in some countries; but, in the last ten-or-so years, in this country, some arbitrarily-chosen groups of citizens are increasingly, deliberately and premeditatedly, discriminated against.
Older people are being targeted, who cannot effectively resist discrimination or maltreatment; such as we - the pensioners and the tenants in the so-called private flats, and also the original owners of such flats (unless they have died). - However, the younger people are also damaged in this way (!), because the pensioners, having been deprived of a huge part of their well-deserved pensions, must become a burden to their descendants. Also, because the special "tenantship rights" are taken away from the tenants in the so-called private flats, their descendants lose possessions which they would normally inherit (while other-tenants' descendants will inherit the cheaply-bought "public-property" flats, as well as the NATIONALIZED and other flats too). (See the NOTE below!). Besides, you (in Croatia), who are younger than us, don't forget that you will also become old, and then you will likewise experience something very similar to what we (the older ones) are experiencing today! THEREFORE, YOU SHOULD RESIST THE DISCRIMINATION AND INJUSTICE WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT, AND ON TIME - WHICH MEANS: NOW, IMMEDIATELY! - Fight, not only for us, but for yourselves, for a better, more-honest and more-just society, for a law-abiding State, in which the human rights will be respected and all the citizens will be equal and enjoy same rights.

--- [ NOTE: In former Yugoslavia (SFRJ), the tenants in private flats had the same, permanent, for-ever-inheritable, special "tenantship right" (stipulated by the laws), as the tenants in public-property flats. All the tenantship-right holders were practically in equal positions, and a tenantship right IN ANY FLAT was worth MORE THAN 90% (more than ninety percent) of the flat value.
--- All the tenants, who happened to live in private flats during the second world war, were subsequently given the tenantship rights in these flats by the law, and they could not choose the flats or obtain such rights in other flats. The tenantship right in such a flat was worth more than ninety percent of the market value of an empty flat, and this value was the tenant's property (possession). In this way, the State has forever seized the ownership on the so-called private flats from the original owners, just as much as the ownership on the formally-nationalized flats has also been seized forever. In the new Republic of Croatia, in 1991, the public-property flats were cheaply sold to tenantship-right holders (for less than ten percent of the value). Later, the formally-nationalized flats have likewise been cheaply sold to tenants. On the contrary, in 1996, the holders of the same right in the private flats were deprived of their tenantship rights (moreover, they have not been given any compensation!). They are (allegedly, temporarily!) "protected", but they are dicriminated against, and they are deprived of their possessions. In this way, e.g., I am deprived of more than 250,000 DEM (i.e. more than 125,000 EUR) which is almost all my possessions!!!]

The government or the State - in a similar way as some other powerful organizations (legal or illegal) - usually tries to make you believe that it is quite "normal" if something, which is fully and forever yours, is taken away from you (i.e. from tenants, owners, workers, pensioners, or others), and that you should be quite content and "happy" if just a part of it is subsequently returned to you. If a government is such, that government is not good! - In our political parties, there are some bad and insincere people, who don't care about justice, but only about their own interests; however, there are also, among them, some other people who are better and more honest. It does not matter very much which party is in power, but it is important that honest, consistent and sincere individuals come to all the leading posts (positions). If you become convinced that a politician (or some other person, or a friend of yours) does not speak the truth, that his aim is not to be humane or just, that he tells lies in order to damage you (or to damage anybody else), you should NEVER again believe him!

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--- On some other pages there are explanations (in Croatian) of some terms, like "ownership", "property", "private property", personal property", "divided property" (or "dominium divisum") i.e. "tenantship right", "possessions", "acquired rights", "discrimination", etc. (The links are on the page "B S").

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Dr.med. Branko Soric
Vlaska 84, 10000 ZAGREB, CROATIA
E-mail: branko.soric@zg.t-com.hr

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