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      Everything that is written on my web-pages and stated to be true and correct has been read by other people - among them some experts, lawyers, scientists and others - who agree that it is indeed true and correct.

      Some other persons may have different opinions or may have made different, unproved statements.  If the readers happen to be in doubt about what or whom to believe, I beg them to e-mail their questions to me and ask for explanations and proofs.


      Most of these sites are linked together, so that they can be accessed by means of links or direct addresses (URLs). Some other sites are not linked and can only be opened directly (by URLs).

      Some texts on these sites (e.g. on statistical inference) are based on articles written by myself and published in medical and statistical journals (Croatian, American), but most texts deal with the problem of property (i.e. permanent tenantship right) that had been legally acquired in former Yugoslavia, as well as today's Croatia, and was later unjustly seized in today's Croatia.  Thereby thousands of tenantship-right holders - practically owners of apartments - and their families have been unjustly deprived of their apartments, homes, property, and other rights. This unconstitutional and unjust seizure has been realized by means of passing bad laws in the Croatian parliament (Sabor), by wrong and absurd decisions made by the Constitutional Court of Croatia, the European Court of Human Rights, etc. The leading political parties (HDZ, SDP) and others have repeatedly proposed in the Sabor (=parliament) that all tenantship-right holders must get equal rights to cheaply buy the apartments in which they live, but they have not made actual drafts needed for changing the bad laws!


      I am one of the above-mentioned deprived tenantship-right holders. Moreover, in my case, there is an additional wrongdoing made by unknown persons, among whom, as it seems, are some persons at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), who put untrue data into the Court's decision.

      I had written and sent proofs to the ECHR that my mother and I had the tenantship right, but it is untruly written in the Court's decision that we were ordinary "lessees", etc.  If this were an unintentional mistake, it would have been corrected after I repeatedly drew the Court's attention to the false statements. So, I can only conclude that this may be done intentionally, with the possible purpose of trying to inflict a future damage on myself and my family.  

      Some persons likewise tried to damage us by telling lies and slanders, with the intention to profit at our expense, about twenty years ago, and also more than thirty years ago, but they did not succeed. It has always been clear and doubtless that my mother and myself were the honest, lawful holders of the tenantship right, etc. More about that can be found on these web-pages. The readers can request further explanations and proofs by sending e-mail messages to: 

      Some web-addresses (click here):  


Everything in these sites is based on opinions of many tenantship-right holders, lawyers, and others.  If anything is unclear, additional explanations and arguments can be given.


December, 2003

      Branko Soric,

      Vlaska 84

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