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The CHC supports the tenants and the SDP's proposal.


The letter of support by the CHC  received on April 10,

2002,  in SUS Zagreb  (Received by Ms Cvijeta Kovac)


TRANSCRIPT  (translated into English by Branko Soric): 







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   Silobrcic, Ivo Slaus, Nikola  Viskovic, Vice Vukov, Daniel




The letter of support to the "Independent Union of Tenants Zagreb  and  the Federation od Tenants of Dalmatia,  Split, Dubrovnik  and Sibenik"


      The Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights fully supports the tenants who have been deprived of their tenantship right and who justly oppose a forcible eviction into substitute flats of a lower market value.

      The Croatian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights supports the proposal made in the Sabor (=Parliament) in 1999  by the leading party of the today's  ruling coalition  i.e.  the Social-Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP),  who proposed  equal  rights  for all  tenants  to cheaply buy their flats  and a market-value compensation for the owners.


      Some tenants'  tenantship rights  have been transformed into ownership by means of  their being allowed to cheaply buy the social-property flats.  In the same way the nationalized flats have also been cheaply bought by tenants.  These nationalized flats,  in conformity with the Resolution 1096 of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe,  have  not  been returned to the owners  because the tenants had acquired the tenantship rights in these flats.  However, the Resolution 1096 has not been respected in the case of the so-called  private occupied flats,  but,  instead,  these tenants have been deprived of their tenantship rights by the Law on Renting Flats (1996)  in order that these flats be restituted to owners.  In this way,  these tenants have been discriminated against  and deprived of the economic value of their tenantship right.  (Namely, the  tenantship right  could  forever be inherited  and it was worth about 90% of the market value of a flat,  while the new right of "protected lease-holding" has almost  no value as a property or possession,  because the new family members will  completely  lose  this right  and they will  not be protected at all).

      The tenatship right has been considered (during SFRJ) as a  divided  ownership  on a flat ("dominium divisum"),  because the owner of such a flat  had lost  forever  the greatest and most valuable part of his ownership rights,  which  had been comprised within the tenantship right and given forever to the tenant and his legal inheritors.  Such occupied private flats used to be sold by the owners, during SFRJ, for about 10% of the market value of an empty flat.  The rest of the value has been kept by all those tenants who had cheaply bought the social-property flats, as well as other flats, on the ground of their tenantship rights,  with the exception of  tenants in the so-called private occupied flats, whose human rights to possessions  (in the sense of the European Convention on Human Rights)  have thus been  violated.

      The tenants in the private flats should be given equal rights to cheaply buy their flats as other tenants had been given,  the more so  because Article 48 of the Law on Renting Flats  compels the owners to cheaply sell to tenants even some of the flats that are in the owners' complete, undiminished ownership (without tenantship rights on them),  because these owners have,  in some measure,  been compensated by having themselves cheaply bought other flats;  and this has been confirmed by the Constitutional Court of Croatia in the name of social justice.


                                           For the CHC:    Zarko Puhovski

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