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      Perhaps you have read or heard statements, that may be just the products of somebody's imagination,

like these:

  -  Some people say that today the whole world is ruled by a secret Nazi-like organization;  

  -  that the AIDS virus (HIV) was made in laboratories in order to stop the population growth in Africa;  

  -  that toxic substances are being sprayed over some cities from airplanes....  

     Aren't such things incredible?  I suppose most people do not believe that they are true. 

      On the other hand, horrible things did indeed happen, e.g. during the second world war.  But, if at that time there existed abnormal people who wanted (and liked, and needed) to do bad things, and who were in power, can it be supposed that such people do not exist any more?  It seems more likely that they do exist, and they still want power, but they have learned to be more cautious. So, they plan and act secretly, while publicly they condemn concentration camps, gas chambers, Nazi-fascist symbols, etc.  Perhaps, for the time being they content themselves with robbing people, instead of killing them?

      The essence of Nazi-like or fascist-like personalities does not consist in names or symbols, but in the goals and methods, and such an essential method of theirs is the DISCRIMINATION against chosen groups of innocent people.  Some of today's "Nazoids" or "fascistoids" readily condemn the racist discrimination, or sexual discrimination (etc.), but perhaps they do discriminate against some other chosen groups, like, say, the group of innocent people in Croatia, who were given (against their will)  the  "occupancy right" ("stanarsko pravo", SP)  in private flats and were denied the SP in public flats. The purpose of this discrimination is to deprive the SP-holders of their flats and to make possible the profits for speculators, who had cheaply bought such "private occupied" flats during former Yugoslavia.

      Such covert Nazi-like or fascist-like individuals seem to be pretty numerous and prevailing in the Croatian government, judiciary, and the major political parties. They also seem to be strongly present in European governments, in the European Court of Human Rights, etc., because none of the latter do really try to stop the robbing of innocent people in Croatia.


      As I said on the "Home"-page, the original private owner of the flat gave me in 1982 (during former Yugoslavia) the "occupancy right" (="stanarsko pravo, SP) of her own free will, by a contract, in accordance with the then laws, and it is also in accordance with the new Croatian Constitution of 1990.  (The SP is practically equal to inheritable long-term lease for a period of thousand years, or longer).

      In distinction from my case, the occupants of most other private flats have been given the SP by the state, against the private owners' will. There are two groups of such holders of SP, that are treated differently since 1996: 

   (Group 1)  Tens of thousands of such (formerly private) flats have NOT been returned to original owners, because the new Croatian Constitution (which guarantees ownership) can be applied only to rights and obligations acquired after 1990.  So, the SPs of these occupants have not been violated, which is correct, and is also in accordance with Resolution 1096 of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, from 1996. Moreover, these SP-holders have been given the right to cheaply buy their flats (so-called nationalized flats).

   (Group 2)  However, (illogically and wrongly) the SPs in a few thousand of such flats (so-called "private-occupied" flats)  have "ceased" (i.e. have been abolished) by the Law on Leasing Flats in 1996! (Read more on Page 3 - Click here!)

      But (even more illogically and quite wrongly!), that law makes no difference between such cases and my case!!!  So, my SP is also comprised among those in the Group 2, that have "ceased" - in spite of the fact that I have acquired the SP by the free will of the original owner!!!     [Note:  The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) made an (unintentional?) mistake in quoting what I had written in my application, and decided not to process it, but this decision is irrelevant to the question of my SP.  (The ECHR also made another catastrophic mistake, as mentioned on Page 1)!]


      Who is guilty?  The guilty persons are those politicians and judges who either made the wrong laws or did not correct them.  You can read on another page (in Croatian) how the representatives from leading political parties (HDZ, SDP....) declared that we, as well as all the other holders of SP, must get the same right to cheaply buy our flats, i.e. the same flats in which we live as SP-holders (click here!). However, for fifteen years they have  NOT made their promises come true!!!  Instead, they are just trying to deceive the SP-holders and to persuade them to agree (generally, as a principle) that they will move into other flats, which, of course, would be much smaller and worse. This would be just another way of plundering the SP-holders, and there is absolutely no reason or justification why the SP-holders' rights should be diminished in any way!  (Note: If it were right to expel SP-holders into substitute flats, then the same would have been done with SP-holders in nationalized flats, and such flats would have been returned to original owners, instead of being cheaply bought by the SP-holders!)


      I have worked honestly as a doctor of medicine (general practitioner) in Zagreb for a monthly salary of some 700 DEM (German Marks) (on average), but I and my family had the permanent SP ("stanarsko pravo", occupancy right) worth more than 90% (ninety percent) of the market value of our flat, in which I have lived for 70 (seventy) years. That is practically the same as if the original owner leased the flat to me and my family (and descendants) forever, or, say, for more than 1000 years, for an extremely small "stanarina"(instead of a rent), and without a possibility of terminating this lease during these 1000 years. This SP is almost all my property. Now I am 76 (seventy six) years of age, retired. For the last fifteen years I have been compelled to worry and fight for my rights against the state, which is depriving me of almost all my property without any reason at all !!!


      What kind of people are these politicians and judges?  To us they don't seem to be normal, or responsible, or humane people at all.  Other people, who are indeed normal and honest, are consternated, they cannot understand how that can happen at all. We all thought that such unlawful plundering and maltreatment of honest people was possible only in Hitler's Germany, or in Stalin's Soviet Union!  But many people don't even know well enough what is happening to us, because the newspapers and all other media are controlled (perhaps indirectly but very efficaciously) by the bad government, and it is made almost impossible for us to publish the truth.

      Some SP-holders have even been evicted from their flats, in which they had lived for some sixty years or longer. When such evictions happen, some newspapers publish that rather briefly, but thereafter it is soon forgotten and nothing is changed for the better. It should be made possible for ourselves to inform the public constantly and comprehensively, both in Croatia and in other countries!  But this is made practically impossible for us (by means of high prices of large newspaper ads, etc.)!


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