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I sent e-mails (similar to the one below) to some newspapers (e.g. The Times, Sunday Times, The Independent, The Daily Mail, The Observer, Guardian, Yorkshire Post, etc.), but I have received no replies other than acknowledgements of receipt.  Is nobody interested in what is happening to innocent people in Croatia?
(March 17, 2010)
Copy of a letter (e-mail) to newspapers:
                                                                                         March 6, 2010

Dear Sir / Madam,


      I am being unlawfully deprived of almost all my property by the Croatian state and the Constitutional Court!!!  I beg journalists to make this known to everybody, and I beg the people of all the European countries, as well as politicians, to help my family and myself in our fight for our rights!

      Please, tell me if such things could happen in England  (or other European countries):  Can a correct long-term lease of a flat, granted by a private owner, be prematurely abolished by a new law?! 

      Suppose that a private owner leased a flat in 1982 for a period of fifty years (or, say, 90 years, or even much longer), and this owner dies in 1987. Would it be possible, in England, that a new law abolishes that lease in 1996, so that the lessee is not sure any longer whether he may soon be given notice to quit, by the inheritor of the deceased owner?!

      As I have been told, that cannot happen in England (or in other European countries), but practically the same is indeed happening to some of us in Croatia! 

      Some additional explanations might be needed:  

      Namely, instead of a long-term lease, the original owner has granted me, of her own free will, the so-called "stanarsko pravo" (abbreviated: SP ; usually translated as "occupancy right", "housing right", etc.) which forever comprises practically all the owner's rights on the flat. This she did in 1982 by a contract in accordance with the laws of former Yugoslavia (SFRY), but this is also in accordance with the today's Croatian Constitution (from 1990).  The SP is practically equal to a "lease forever", with an extremely small housing fee paid to the state (instead of a rent), and without a possibility to be terminated by the nominal owner. In most cases the SP was given by the state, against the private owners' will, but not so in my case! The state of Croatia, allegedly, wants to restore the previously seized property, but, in my case, there is nothing to restore! Simply, the state and the courts (including the Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human rights!!!) unlawfully deprive me of almost-all my property i.e. my valuable permanent rights that had been given to me and my family by the original owner of the flat!!! Why? Because many such flats have been cheaply bought by speculators during SFRY, and the irresponsible government wants to make it possible for them (or themselves!) to profit!!!

      I can also give you any and all additional explanations and proofs.

      Please, see also this web-site:   http://soric-b.tripod.com/b2/


      The United Kingdom (UK) is a member of the European Union (EU), and Croatia is also scheduled to become a member of the EU!  So, the fact that such incredible unlawfulness and injustice exists in Croatia from 1996 up to this day, must certainly be of interest to everybody in the UK, and in the EU, and to all of your readers!  Everything that I say is true, and if anybody would say anything to the contrary, then he/she does not tell the truth!  I beg you to help me, to contact me, to ask me for facts, proofs and explanations in order to find out and make sure that I am telling the truth, and to write about this in your paper!

      I am a doctor of medicine, retired, 76 years of age.  I (and others) have sent hundreds of letters to Croatian newspapers during the last fifteen years, but just a very small part of them have been published.  I cannot publish them in the form of large newspaper advertisements, because such ads are too expensive (a single such large ad costs much more than is my monthly pension).

      I hope for your reply, and I beg you to let me know if and when you are going to write about this or, perhaps, publish my letter(s)!


      Thank you very much!

      With best regards,

      Branko Soric, dr. med.  (doctor of medicine, retired)

Vlaska 84 ,  10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Fax: +385 1 4623 436


http://soric-b.tripod.com/sp/   ......etc.